Equipe 4x4 lierbumper voor Discovery 2

€ 1.290,01
Unieke code: MBW0023D
Black Cover Winch Bumper with Dedicated Skidplate Discovery 2, unique in its kind, the new Equipe 4×4 modular bumper opens a new path for the preparation of your Discovery 2. Its versatility makes it suitable to satisfy every need: use for work, gatherings with friends, club outings, trips and competitions. Preparations carried out on an off-road vehicle tend to be specific for a particular use and are often satisfied. Now, the choice of the bumper will be easier and supported by the available optionals.
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The Black Cover Winch Bumper with Dedicated Skidplate Discovery 2 is composed of a central part for fixing the winch, an anticorodal aluminum cover, adjustable terminals and hooks.

In a protected position there are the fixing brackets for housing two pairs of additional spotlights (optional).

On the upper part of the lateral terminals, there are two useful anti-slip plates in anodized aluminum, which can be used as safe steps.

With a dedicated module it will also be possible to install the 8274 Warn vertical winch.

The aluminum cover is available in two different treatments and colors: black embossed powder coated or silver anodized.

This version includes the Skidplate in anticorodal duralumin reinforced by an anti-impact bar.