Defender Vent 2.0

€ 199,00
Unieke code: WW-001
Ook zo genoeg van de beslagen ruiten in je Defender? Monteer dan een Defender Vent 2.0!
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DefenderVENT's are an injection moulded replacement for the standard windscreen demister vents in the Land Rover Defender. The DefenderVENT 2.0 consists of two side window vents and improved windshield nozzles that provide a more efficient de-misting of the windscreen. Provides a great advantage when cold, hot or humid.

Contained within each DefenderVENT is an additional outlet that channels warm air away from the screen vent to mini vents located in the ends of the dashboard. No longer do you have to demist your side windows with the back of your hand or your sleeve!

The internal width of the DefenderVENT's outlet is larger than standard Land Rover vents for more efficient windscreen demisting.

The new DefenderVENT 2.0 now offers an improved windshield nozzle to increase the range and speed of the windshield demisting. The roller vent blocks airflow to the screen to channel more air to the side window vents.